[Tweeters] Marblemount GRASSHOPPER SPARROW

Scott Atkinson scottratkinson at hotmail.com
Sat May 11 20:54:48 PDT 2013


Birded central Skagit County this morn, finding a county-first GRASSHOPPER SPARROW at Corkindale. Near the north end of the creek, an old road grade (path) heads away from the creek east, between blackberry thickets and a small strip of low trees on the left (north) side. A new barbed-wire gate impedes further walking east into a large pasture. The bird was perched near ground level in this pasture looking northeast, darting into matted grasses twice. Although I then walked right over the grass it was in, it never reappeared, Ammodramus-like. This north end area is fast turning into a magnet for migrant rarities, as Brewer's and Vesper Sparrows, Ash-throated Flycatcher, Indigo Bunting, Gray and Least Flycatchers, and Black-and-white Warbler attest, not to mention the kingbirds and more regular east-side birds that have shown from time to time in the area. There were also four FOS LAZULI BUNTINGS on territory here, and a PEREGRINE was on the s. side of Hwy 20.

Another LAZULI BUNTING, two FOS BANK SWALLOWS, and a CHIPPING SPARROW were at the nearby Bryson Rd access south of Rockport. A NASHVILLE WARBLER was at the Rockport Quarry, a traditional site, and my first SWAINSON'S THRUSH of the year was nearby at the eagle overlook. As expected MACGILLIVRAY'S WARBLER was the most common of 9 warbler species for the day, with about 15 singing birds detected at various stops.

On a final note, we too at Tiny's Land in n. Lake Stevens have a pair of lingering VARIED THRUSH, almost ran into one leaving for work the other day. We have not had breeders any year that we've been here, but I have to wonder about these. Do we have a soggy cold summer coming after this great spring weather lately?

Scott Atkinson
Lake Stevens
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