[Tweeters] Vultures in Fall City

Teresa Stokes tlstokespoetry at gmail.com
Sat May 11 13:18:04 PDT 2013

For the past month I have viewed one and then two vultures circling
the fields along Hwy 202 near Fall City. Yesterday a friend texted me
reporting 4 what she thought were young eagles in that area. After
questioning her, they were circling and in a group, it sounds like there
may be 4 vultures there.

The Snoqualmie bald eagles have been busy building up their nest
and the property owner adjacent to the nest tree reports they have
been busy mating. Last year on 7/20 I watched their one offspring who
had recently fledged. Does anyone know projected dates of bald eagle
egg laying and hatch in the Seattle area? A number of nests in B.C. and
one nest in Redding, CA have experienced high levels of aggressive
intruder behavior from other bald eagles this year.

The osprey have returned to their nest on the cell tower behind QFC in
Klahanie, and the bald eagles in Issaquah built up a nice sized nest
this year. A month ago I saw one bald eagle near the North Bend

T.L. Stokes
Ames Lake

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