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Sat May 11 11:21:15 PDT 2013

Now that i am at the house I can give a longer explanation. When I arrived i noticed a sandpiper that may fit the bill, no pun intended, and it started to preen. It's back was to me and i watched through a scope and saw white above the tail as it preened. I should have continued observing but instead got other folks around me onto the bird, mostly Ron. I then posted messages on my phone. Just prior to that i yelled to a small group further away if they had watched the bird and seen the white rump they acknowledged yes. When I completed my messages the sandpiper was no longer in the same location. I asked Ron if he saw the rump and he said no the bird had turned so he did not have the angle. We spent another 40 mins looking without locating it. I went to the group nearby who had said they saw the rump to discover they had been looking at a least sandpiper in front of them and had said they did not look at the bird I had been viewing. All in all frustrating i should have spent more time on the bird but did not. So now there needs to be more confirmation so if you can go look.

Also there are two western sandpipers together and one of them has two different breast streak pattern. One side is the typical chevron shaped streaking while the other is finely streaked. I bring this up because it could create an ID issue if one is looking for breast streaking for ID.

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA

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