[Tweeters] Mountain Bluebird and Vesper Sparrow

Doug Canning igc dcanning at igc.org
Thu May 9 14:54:20 PDT 2013

Yesterday (May 7th) at Mima Mounds Natural Area (near Littlerock, Thurston Co.) I had
the good fortune to identify one of a close group of three sparrows as a Vesper Sparrow,
primarily by its "here-here there- there...." song. The others, ?? This was south of the
southwesterly part of the loop trail.

Later, a male Mountain Bluebirdwas seen perched on a naked shrub in the east-central
part of the area.

Some other species: Sooty Grouse calling; American Kestrel hovering; Killdeer calling; 5
Savannah Sparrow singing.

The Camas bloom in the westerly part of the loop trail is quite spectacular, result of some
habitat restoration done last year.

Doug Canning
Olympia Wash.

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