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> Hello Tweeters,

> It so happen that I did not found a space to have the right tide to lead

> my Fieldtrip,with out running in to the time with the Grays Harbor

> Shorebird Festival.so I picked the 4th of May concerning the Tide Four of

> us meet on Mud Bay at 7.00 am enough time to get to Bottle Beach,The birds

> where already close so we had good looks of them.The Highlight here was A

> MERLIN chasing the Shorebirds what is always great to watch.

> here are some of the birds we saw in the Park

> 3 Ruddy Turnstone in full breeding Plumage.150 Dunlin, 300 Western &least

> Sandpipers(there where hard to count)75 Black-bellied plovers

> many still in breeding Plumage.200 Short-billed Dowitchers,10 Semi

> palmated Plovers,3 Caspian Tern,

> 2 Marsh Wren, 1 Great Blue HERON.



> ON THE Jetty 12 RUDDY TURNSTONE (all in breeding Plumage 1Common Loon

> Adult Plumage ,50 Greater Scaup,

> 125 Brant Geese Barn Swallow's Rough-winged Swallow's ,25 Dunlin,

> 25 Short-billed Dowitcher,35 Caspian Tern,10 whimbrel,Golden C.&

> White C.Sparrows


> Westport:

> 35 Red necked phalaropes, 2 Common Loon,50 Brown Pelican,2Pigeon

> Guillemot,3 Brandt'sCormorant,2 Pelagic Cormorant

> 4 Western Gulls,


> Midway Beach:

> 2 Green -winged Teals 4 Mallard Ducks, and 5 Savannah Sparrow


> Brady Loop was slow do to the heat and only one little pond who had some

> water

> 40 Robin there where every where ,25 Brewers Black Birds,2 Killdeer,

> 20 Savannah Sparrows 5 , VIOLET-green Swallow,IT WAS REALLY


> I can say when the weather is to hot,the birdying is not the best for

> little birds maybe later in the early morning ore later in the evening


> Cheers Ruth Sullivan& Jim Pruske (he works for Fish &Wildlife going to be

> retiring later this year






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