[Tweeters] Mystery Sandpiper was Theler Wetlands 05/03/2013

John Riegsecker jriegsecker at pobox.com
Mon May 6 21:17:18 PDT 2013

For the curious, the larger sandpipers turned out to be just large Least



> I also have an ID request. What is the larger sandpiper in the

> background of these photos? There were four of these birds mixed in

> with some Least Sandpipers. They were noticeably larger. I have

> another shot that includes a Killdeer, and they are smaller than a

> Killdeer. Are they just larger Least Sandpipers or something else?

John Riegsecker
jriegsecker at pobox dot com
Gig Harbor, WA.

John Riegsecker

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