[Tweeters] Fieldtrip on my Birthday 0n May forth

Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at comcast.net
Mon May 6 16:21:05 PDT 2013

Hello Tweeters,
It so happen that I did not found a space to have the right tide to lead my
Fieldtrip,with out running in to the time with the Grays Harbor
Shorebird Festival.so I picked the 4th of May concerning the Tide Four of
us meet on Mud Bay at 7.00 am enough time to get to Bottle Beach,The birds
where already close so we had good looks of them.The Highlight here was A
MERLIN chasing the Shorebirds what is always great to watch.
here are some of the birds we saw in the Park
3 Ruddy Turnstone in full breeding Plumage.150 Dunlin, 300 Western &least
Sandpipers(there where hard to count)75 Black-bellied plovers
many still in breeding Plumage.200 Short-billed Dowitchers,10 Semi
palmated Plovers,3 Caspian Tern,
2 Marsh Wren, 1 Great Blue HERON.

ON THE Jetty 12 RUDDY TURNSTONE (all in breeding Plumage 1Common Loon Adult
Plumage ,50 Greater Scaup,
125 Brant Geese Barn Swallow's Rough-winged Swallow's ,25 Dunlin,
25 Short-billed Dowitcher,35 Caspian Tern,10 whimbrel,Golden C.&
White C.Sparrows

35 Red necked phalaropes, 2 Common Loon,50 Brown Pelican,2Pigeon
Guillemot,3 Brandt'sCormorant,2 Pelagic Cormorant
4 Western Gulls,

Midway Beach:
2 Green -winged Teals 4 Mallard Ducks, and 5 Savannah Sparrow

Brady Loop was slow do to the heat and only one little pond who had some
40 Robin there where every where ,25 Brewers Black Birds,2 Killdeer,
20 Savannah Sparrows 5 , VIOLET-green Swallow,IT WAS REALLY
I can say when the weather is to hot,the birdying is not the best for little
birds maybe later in the early morning ore later in the evening

Cheers Ruth Sullivan& Jim Pruske (he works for Fish &Wildlife going to be
retiring later this year

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