[Tweeters] Monroe Prison Ponds?

Ann Marie Wood annmariewood at comcast.net
Mon May 6 10:11:18 PDT 2013

Hi Tweeters:

Yesterday, while scoping out the ponds with a couple of local photographers, we were approached by Al Erickson, the current owner of the hunting club and farm. He was very nice but clearly concerned about the increased use of the area, particularly now during nesting season, and asked us to remain on the concrete parking pad.

When Al said something about posting the area I apologized, thanked him for granting access to us, and told him I would pass on his request. This is a great spot and I'd hate to lose access.

If anyone relocates the Ross's Goose please let me know!

Ann Marie Wood
Mountlake Terrace,WA
annmariewood at comcast.net

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