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Richard James rich at rjassociates.ca
Sun May 5 21:55:18 PDT 2013

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>Date: Sat, 4 May 2013 12:07:44 -0700

>From: "Wayne Weber" <contopus at telus.net>

>Subject: [Tweeters] California Condors!

>There have been three main release sites for California Condors-- one in

>the Grand Canyon of Arizona, and two fairly close together in California-

>the Big Sur coast south of Monterey, and Pinnacles National Park, about 100

>miles to the east.

>I was advised that it was

>probably easier to see the birds in the Big Sur area than at Pinnacles, so I

>chose to look for them there.

I was in CA in March. Located 3 Condors soaring in Pinnacles. (3)06 and
(4)11, 2 of the oldest birds in that flock and one other (soaring with
one of the above).

We were not there at dawn/dusk, apparently the best observation times.
They were observed from the trail just west of the campground and on
the Gulch trail to the north.

Both days at Pinnacles were sunny and warm, our one day on the Big Sur
coast was overcast.

Richard James,

>From an Island in the Pacific,

Victoria, BC

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