[Tweeters] belated S. King Co. report

Brien Meilleur brienm at live.com
Sun May 5 08:56:09 PDT 2013

Hello Tweets,
A belated South King County report...I visited the M Street pond yesterday-Saturday morning (west of Emerald Downs) and the best birds were 3 Semipalmated Plovers with the flock of 120 Least and Western Sandpipers...all being harassed by an adult Peregrine. At the Boeing Ponds I also had the male Blue-winged Teal reported by Carol Schultz. At the (sadly) mitigated 204th Street once wet pastureland there were 6 breeding plumage Greater Yellowlegs and a breeding plumage Black-bellied plover along with a dispersed group of perhaps 20 Least and Western sandpipers..many of the Westerns now quite striking in breeding plumage.
Brien Meilleur
Lake Forest Park, WA
brienm at live.com

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