[Tweeters] West Seattle today

Patti Loesche loes at uw.edu
Fri May 3 19:52:03 PDT 2013

I went to Beach Drive, Lincoln Park, and Jack Block Park this morning. Not much action, but the few sightings were gratifying. Along Beach Drive just south of the Alki Lighthouse, I saw a flotilla of about 50 Barrow's goldeneyes very close to shore, and a similar-sized flock of brant took wing and headed north (see you next year!). At Lincoln Park, two splendid pairs of harlequin ducks were in the usual harlequin duck place at the beginning of the public beach. Jack Block was great for yellow-rumped warblers all winter, but birdwise it was quiet today, although the harbor seals were noisy. I saw a number of new purple martin gourds there; thank you to whoever is carrying on Kevin Li's legacy.

Patti Loesche

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