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Fri May 3 17:29:49 PDT 2013

hi all:

four chicks hatched and probably all are still alive but viewing is
difficult as the female is brooding them still. the current feeding
schedule is about once every two to two and a half hours. time between
feedings will lengthen as the chicks/crops get bigger and they can take
more food per feeding. the weather for the next week or ten days appears
good and the mists may die down and make observation easier. the prey
transfer between the adults this afternoon at 1430 was spectacular. the
male was flying straight up w/ his back to the viewing area. the female
flew w/ him for a time and then accelerated, looped up and came straight
back down and grabbed the prey as she passed the male. then she peeled off
in a long slow loop to the scrape. blue angels got nothin' on peregrines
when the latter are motivated. the female fed the kids, but i could not
see through the mist well enough to be get a certain headcount. two for
sure, three quite likely, and the mass felt like all four were still at
it. at the end of the feeding, the female ate some of the prey and then
just hunkered down and scootched over the chicks. getting the last one in
was sorta like putting toothpaste back in the tube or trying to contain a
water balloon. the odd wing or leg poked out now and then for about thirty
seconds before mom prevailed and the crew settled down.

there is now a live feed of the scrape on a site called critterzoom. just
click on the peregrine nest link from the homepage and they'll pop up.
there is supposed to be a direct feed from critterzoom to the pse website,
but it was not working a short time ago while the source page was.



dave templeton
fall city, wa


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