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Maxine Reid baconmf at mail.com
Fri May 3 17:28:06 PDT 2013

Hi tweeters
Haven't posted in a while but wanted to share some FOY birds from the past week.
April 27:
California quail(3rd one I've seen at tulalip in 14 years,it landed on a tree in our yard)
Least sandpiper
Common raven
Black throated grey warbler
Hammonds flycatcher
Marbled murrelet(100th bird for 2013)
Whimbrel( see only 1-2 annually here)
April 28
Orange crowned warbler.

April 30
Rufous hummingbird

May 1
Brown headed cowbird

May 3(today)
Yellow warbler
Bullocks oriole( beautiful male , about two weeks early from past years)
Purple Martin( 6 at the hermosa site and just now 1 on our dock which has 5 gourds)

As well there is a large surge of western sands,dunlins and least sands, 50+ BBplovers ,
5 greater yellow legs . The big tide swings provides extensive mudflats for their feeding.
I saw two tiny baby killdeer today with their parents running along the road!
Other notables are nesting bald eagles, numerous caspian terns, Bonaparte gulls.
A few ducks remain but the large flocks are gone.pigeon guillemots and northern rough winged
Swallows are nesting along the cliffs on south mission beach
I'm sure I missed some but fun to watch the action.
Good birding , Maxine Reid
Tulalip bay ,snohomish county,Wa
Max2012mike at gmail.com
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