[Tweeters] Migration Anchorage AK style

Marcus Roening Marcus.D.Roening at gsk.com
Fri May 3 16:15:51 PDT 2013

Hi Tweets,

Just back from a quick trip to Anchorage and the juxtaposition of the seasons was quite dramatic. Still plenty of snow on the ground and the lakes and streams are just starting to thaw around the inlets and outlets. The weather was classic spring with sun to threats of snow in the air. But the force of migration moves forward regardless of the weather and the waterfowl were arriving in full force. The Greater White-fronted Geese that we watched last weekend fly by Point Grenville WA on the Quinalt Reservation in skeins of 100s, were all showing up in Anchorage, along with lots of Cackling Geese, the smaller sub-species of Canada Goose and Snow Geese. The bonus was 50 Sandhill Cranes working amongst them in the salt marsh. All of this was taking place at Potter's Marsh on the south side of metropolitan Anchorage and the adjacent bay that was a bit more thawed out than the fresh water marsh. Also saw some nice groups of Greater & Lesser Yellowlegs singing their rollicking songs. One was singing from the top of an ice floe!, and a Bonaparte's Gull flew overhead.

As I was headed back in town past the central library, a moose stopped traffic by wandering across the road and a Black-billed Magpie flew overhead - definitely not in Puget Sound.

Good Birding,

Marcus Roening
Tacoma WA
marcus.d.roening at GSK.com
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