[Tweeters] Magnuson Park Whimbrels

Byers byers345 at comcast.net
Thu May 2 10:24:18 PDT 2013

Hi Tweeters,

Bill and I had so much fun two days ago finding the Sage
Thrasher that we started earlier today to see what else we were missing. I
just read Scott Ramos's report and see that we missed the Yellow-headed
Blackbird and Eurasian Collared Dove that he saw at the north end of the
park. However, our consolation prize was observing two WHIMBRELS fly in
from the west and land on the north end of the big playing field at the
north end of the park (where there were already about 50 Gadwalls on the
grass). We quickly took some distant digiscoped shots and then the birds
flew off to the east. We couldn't see any shorebirds in the two new
adjacent ponds. Our other favorite birds for the morning were three
California Quail along the edge of the ponds at the south end of the park.

Happy birding, Charlotte Byers, Seattle

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