[Tweeters] White House Bird List

Jeremy Davis davisjp23 at hotmail.com
Thu May 2 07:29:39 PDT 2013

Morning all,

Slate.com has an article out today that might be of interest. It's about the list compiled by Teddy Roosevelt in 1908 of all the birds he'd seen around Washington, D.C. during his presidency - including special notes on birds seen on the White House grounds.

My personal favorite was the Sparrow Hawk (now known as an American Kestral) which he observed "feeding on the Sparrows-largely, thank Heaven, on the English Sparrows."

He tallied 93 species in all, noting at the end in true birder fashion: "Doubtless this list is incomplete; I have seen others that I have forgotten."

The article: http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_vault/2013/05/01/theodore_roosevelt_the_president_s_list_of_birds_seen_around_the_white_house.html

The list: http://www.theodore-roosevelt.com/images/research/trbirdswhitehouse.pdf

Mukilteo, WA

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