[Tweeters] Solitary Sandpiper

Pete Fahey peterfahey at comcast.net
Wed May 1 23:35:11 PDT 2013

Hi Birders:

This morning before going to an appointment, I stopped by the lower
Snoqualmie Valley north of Fall City. I a flooded field just south of the
defunct Tall Chief Golf Course, I found a SOLITARY SANDPIPER, all alone.
Last Saturday, that same spot hosted Mallards, Green-winged Teal ,a pair of
Shovelers, 6 Greater Yellowlegs, and a spotted Sandpiper. Do SOSA's chase
the others away so they can in fact be "solitary?" Actually, the area is
drying out quickly, and the SOSA would move in and out of tall grass and out
of view frequently. Other birds may have been hidden by the tall grass for
the short time I was there. There were a pair of HOODED MERGANSERS in the
slough across from the golf course property, and a WILSON'S WARBLER along
the road there as well.

Pete Fahey

Snoqualmie, WA

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