[Tweeters] festivals with cranes

Randy Hill re_hill at q.com
Sun Mar 31 20:32:12 PDT 2013

This year two festivals changed from traditional weekends. The Othello
Sandhill Crane Festival is next weekend, the first time into April due to
Easter and other conflicts. Birdfest in Ridgefield also is set in 2013 as
the first weekend in October, moving from the second weekend due to

I'll repeat from past posts that bird festivals, regardless of the fees that
are charged (which sometimes do not even cover costs), are a great way to
get experienced guides to help you see and interpret the local area. There
is a tremendous amount of planning that goes into such events, and whether
you wish to visit Sequim or Othello, please take advantage of the
opportunity next weekend. If attendance drops these opportunities can
easily disappear. They generate commerce and community pride, generally are
a very good value, and certainly are cheaper than hiring a guide. Not to be
negative, but I hope this year there will not be any "does anybody know if
or where cranes are being seen near Othello?" posts to Tweeters this week.
I'm sure the scouts were out this weekend.

Randy Hill


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