[Tweeters] Niaqually NWR 3/27/13

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Sat Mar 30 13:02:02 PDT 2013


Wednesday 27 of us enjoyed a great day at Nisqually under clear skies and warm temps. The only drawback was a 1.2 ft low tide at 12:38. We had lots of mud on the estuary boardwalk.

Highlights included our first of year RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRDS, WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS, and a MERLIN flyby.

We had a couple of sightings of RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRDS mostly along the boardwalk and picked up our first of the year WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW along the maintenance road toward the entrance gate, The MERLIN gave a flyby at the twin barns overlook where it caught a swallow.

Also at the twin barns we say a HOUSE SPARROW. That is notable in that it is the first HOUSE SPARROW I've ever seen at Nisqually and it is not listed on the refuge check list. I hope it is a one and done sighting.

On a brighter note, the GREAT EGRET continues, as dose the GREAT HORNED OWL family. Waterfowl continue to pair up and more WOOD DUCKS and HOODED MERGANSERS are showing up. YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS are about in good numbers including colorful males.

>From the estuary boardwalk we did manage to see COMMON GOLDENEYE, RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS, HORNED GREBE, and BELTED KINGFISHER. At the end of boardwalk we scanned Nisqually Reach but I couldn't identify much at that distance.

For the day I had 61 species and now have 86 for the year.


Until next week....

Phil Kelley
scrubjay323 at aol.com
Lacey, WA

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