[Tweeters] another siskin wave

Dennis Paulson dennispaulson at comcast.net
Fri Mar 29 15:56:11 PDT 2013

Hello, tweets.

I have had sporadic Pine Siskins at my feeder all winter, but just a few days ago another minihorde dropped in, with around 20 birds at two feeders at the same time. This is a big flock for me. I haven't seen much on tweeters about siskin numbers (yes, I know they aren't Snowy Owls), so I thought I would mention this. They have been around every day since then. It's fun to watch them, as they are really committed feeders. They gobble up seeds as fast as they can crack them and are constantly in little tiffs with all the birds around them, with much wing and tail spreading and birds flying to and from the feeder as they get chased off and return. You can really see how those yellow markings are used. I took a video of one bunch, and it's interesting to go back over it.

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