[Tweeters] Re: UW campus birds

Robert Cleland cleland at u.washington.edu
Wed Mar 27 11:23:25 PDT 2013

There has been some interesting bird activity on the central UW campus.
Frosh Pond has had a pair of BUFFELHEADS all winter, in addition to the
usual MALLARDS, CANADA GEESE and RING-BILLED GULLS. More recently, for the
first time in years, they have been joined by a pair of RING-NECKED DUCKS,
GADWALLS, and several CACKLING GEESE. There were 3 there yesterday - two
were about the smallest geese I've ever seen - same size as the Gadwalls.
The GREAT-BLUE HERONS are back at the rookery between Anderson and
Bagley Hall. I counted 8 occupied nests yesterday, but the total could
have been higher. I didn't see any occupied nests in the smaller rookery
behind Allen Hall.

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