[Tweeters] Edmonds Heron Rookery Update

Bill Anderson billandersonbic at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 27 00:37:56 PDT 2013

A few great blue herons are making a valiant attempt to nest in the rookery at the south side of the Edmonds marsh.  The herons have not successfully nested there in at least three years due to the presence of the Pt. Edwards pair of bald eagles.  The eagles perch in the raptor tree on the fish hatchery grounds and the evergreen on Pt. Edwards at the top of Pine St.  Both trees offer excellent views of the rookery.

The herons are settling on the nests at the east end of the rookery, which unlike those at the west end of the rookery, are not visible from the eagles' tree on Pine St.   The trees in the rookery have not yet leafed out.  Once they have, the nests cannot be seen from Pt. Edwards or the marsh.  The herons are rolling the dice with Mother Nature as to whether or not their nests will be camouflaged before their eggs are laid.

The rookery is best viewed from the #2 and #4 viewing platforms on the marsh walkway.   Bring binos or a spotting scope for best results.  

Bill Anderson; Edmonds, WA. USA

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