[Tweeters] People thought I was crazy BEFORE: flicker eating thistle

Josh Hayes josh.hayes at q.com
Tue Mar 26 13:06:13 PDT 2013

Because, fellow tweets, I found that my thistle feeder (the tube variety)
was constantly being emptied by juncos. People kept telling me, juncos don't
EAT thistle seed - well, yes, they do.

But then while I was microwaving some lunch Tuesday, I glanced out the
window, and on the thistle feeder there was a flicker. EATING THISTLE SEED.
I have never seen this before, and would not have thought it was possible,
but there he is. I took a few terrible pictures with my ancient point/shoot
camera, just to prove to myself it happened. I guess if he's that hungry, I
ought to hang some suet, if I could figure out how to keep the squirrels and
rats off it.

Josh Hayes, in Licton Springs (N. Seattle)

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