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Tue Mar 26 00:42:32 PDT 2013

hello everyone,

have you heard of the rarest bird in the world, the Chatham Island
black robin? well, perhaps not since this bird has made a comeback so
it is no longer the rarest in the world. but there was a time, not too
long ago, (1976 to be precise), when this bird's entire population
consisted of just seven individuals -- six males and just one female.

New Zealand's legendary conservation biologist, Don Merton, led a
successful recovery effort for this species. How did he do it? There
is a wonderfully inspirational book that tells the story -- The Black
Robin: Saving the World's Most Endangered Bird -- and now, thanks to a
heads-up from one of my twitter followers, part one of at least one
documentary is available online for all of us to watch:


i am contacting the filmmakers now to see if i can share the entire
documentary on my blog.

Devorah Bennu, PhD
birdologist at gmail.com
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