[Tweeters] Great Horned Pair

Dayna Yalowicki dlwicki at frontier.com
Sat Mar 23 14:39:44 PDT 2013

Nearly every morning around 4 or 5a.m. and one evening at 7p.m. a pair of GH owls call for over an hour, sometimes one after the other and sometimes calling over each other. Definitely a male and female since one is much lower than than the other. I'm not normally awake at this time of morning so I am perplexed as to why I am awake to hear this! But as a testament to how bad our windows are, I can hear the owls clearly without them open. I listen to them as long I can, eventually drifting back to sleep but usually not until they have finished their morning conversation. I am thrilled to think that they may be nesting nearby, especially since in past years, I have heard mostly Barred Owls here.

Dayna Yalowicki
Canyon Park, Bothell
Dlwicki at frontier.com

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