[Tweeters] Pair of Ravens in Schmitz Park

M&M Kirschner mnmkirschner at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 12:23:07 PDT 2013

Yesterday, as I walked through Schmitz Park in West Seattle I was
entertained by a pair of Ravens. They were incredibly vocal, calling back
and forth and doing all kinds of various vocalizations. One was carrying
sticks back and forth from tree to tree. I ended up lingering in the park
for nearly an hour and a half and during that time they were rarely quiet.
At one point two Barred Owls got in on the noise making. I've heard and
seen Ravens passing over and through Schmitz park but this is the first
time I've watched and heard them stick around like this. Not sure if they
really will stay and nest, but they were certainly talking about it

Maurie (West Seattle)
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