[Tweeters] Request for Information: Oregon Vesper Sparrow

Buchanan, Joseph B (DFW) Joseph.Buchanan at dfw.wa.gov
Thu Mar 21 16:27:38 PDT 2013


I am forwarding this request for information from Bob Altman of American Bird Conservancy. Please respond to Bob if you have information

Joe Buchanan, WDFW
Olympia, WA

Bob's message:

I am initiating a range-wide inventory for breeding populations of Oregon Vesper Sparrow this spring. This is the subspecies of Vesper Sparrow that occurs west of the Cascade Mountains from southwestern British Columbia, through western Washington and Oregon, and into the very northern corner of northwestern California. Formerly a common bird throughout its range, its populations have declined precipitously, including extirpations from parts of its range. Its status is of concern to all the natural resource agencies and organizations, but our knowledge of its distribution, populations, and ecology, is limited.

I would appreciate any records you have of its breeding season occurrence (basically May-June, although late April and early July could be useful). The basic information needed would be date and location and number of birds. The more specific the location the better. For example, just to note a Wildlife Management Area, Refuge, State Park etc. would be of limited use. If you can be as descriptive as possible of the location or better yet provide GPS coordinates that would be great. Any comments you might have on habitat, nesting, etc. would also be much appreciated. I will be using this information to help in targeting places to survey this spring.

If you contribute your records to eBird then no need to send them to me. Likewise, if you were contacted by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife recently to contribute their database. I will be accessing all those records. Please send your information to baltman at abcbirds.org<mailto:baltman at abcbirds.org> (baltman at abcbirds.org).

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. All contributions will be acknowledged in the final reporting of results.

Bob Altman
American Bird Conservancy
311 NE Mistletoe
Corvallis, Oregon 97330
baltman at abcbirds.org<mailto:baltman at abcbirds.org>

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