[Tweeters] FW: Ballard brids

Daniel Lipinski dano135 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 21 10:07:26 PDT 2013


A little late on the post but the Anna's Hummers have fledged last week. Two young, both have been since seen fluttering around the yard. The flowering quince is open and those bright red flowers are keeping them close. She has had a second nest in the yard a few feet away in the rhododendron the last two years so lets see if that happens again. I am only assuming it's the same hummer (the nests are in the exact same spots) by her voraciousness to chase other hummers and cats, humans, crows, chickadees and other songbirds away from "her" flowering plants. Also an interesting note, last week at 930pm I heard a Killdeer calling from what seemed like the Football field at the Ballard High school.


dano135 at hotmail.com

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