[Tweeters] Thrush confusion & Um(p)tanum confusion

Hank Karen karenhank at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 20 19:45:33 PDT 2013

Yesterday my wife and I were pleasantly surprised to see a Varied Thrush in Yakima County on our return trip to Ellensburg from Audubon Road via Umptanum Road.  (I notice that the spelling of Umtanum Ridge usually does not include a p, but the spelling of the road often does including on Ellensburg street signs.  I found a 1934 Metsker map that includes the "p".  Does it matter?  Probably not, but every time I write Umptanum or Umtanum, it bugs me.)
Hank Heiberg
Lake Joy
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was pleasantly surprised to find a varied thrush at my feeders about one week ago...  usually, they are long gone by now...

00 caren
george davis creek, north fork

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>Quite the first day of spring . . . .


>I'm being serenaded by a Varied Thrush in my back

yard instead of a Robin.




>Ned McGarry




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