[Tweeters] Scrub Jays in Seattle

Allison Reak areak at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 19 15:29:33 PDT 2013

In 6 years, I had never seen a Steller jay in my immediate neighborhood
until the fall of 2010, when one followed the western scrub jays into my
yard. Since then, the Stellers have appeared for a few weeks each spring
and fall, always following the scrub jays, but never sticking around for
long. Stellers seem dependent on the woods. Scrubs seem to hang around
yards with big vegetable gardens, and in oak trees that produce sizable
supplies of acorns. Ballard has a good number of both.

That said, yesterday I was walking in the urban center of downtown Portland,
when a western scrub jay landed on the sidewalk, grabbed a piece of dried
grass from the planting strip, and flew off. Not an oak or garden in sight.


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Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2013 22:23:16 -0700
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Allison et al.,

That's so interesting! I live a few miles to the east, near 95th NE & Sand
Point Way (Matthews Beach area), and I have NEVER seen or heard Scrubs since
moving to this location in the mid 1980's. We have plenty of Steller's, but
no Scrubs. But we still have a number of conifers of fair size, definitely
more forested still than Ballard. It seems to be a reasonable hypothesis to
think this is the variable that accounts for the distributions. Do you ever
find Steller's in your neighborhood these days?


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