[Tweeters] Yet more on traveling with scopes & tripods

dealgen at aol.com dealgen at aol.com
Mon Mar 18 19:41:19 PDT 2013

Yo Tweets,

For birding travel I used a 6 inch diameter 1/4 inch thick, 30 inch long PVC pipe to protect my tripod in my duffel bag in checked luggage. You can buy the fancy caps for the ends of the pipe or just use duct tape. Makes your tripod pretty much indestructable.

For the scope I use the largest Pelican hard side case that will pass as carry-on. It will hold my scope, binocs and digital camera equipment. Curiously, on my last birding trip to Texas, it was the stubby screwdriver I keep in the case to tighten the quick release plate on my scope that sent the TSA into a tizzy.

Happy travels,
Ed Deal
dealgen AT aol.com
Seattle, WA

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