[Tweeters] Edmonds Eared Grebe?

Ann Marie Wood annmariewood at comcast.net
Mon Mar 18 10:21:15 PDT 2013

Hi Tweeters:

Yesterday afternoon I spotted what appeared to be an Eared Grebe inside the breakwater near the edmonds Marina fuel dock south of the public pier.

We spent about 15 minutes together, including dives, until it was spooked by a diver and disappeared between a row of boats to the south.

After consulting the three guides on hand, (iBird Pro, NG & little Sibley), and another birder by phone I concluded that it was an Eared Grebe in winter plumage and included it on my eBird report. Since then I've had second thoughts and removed it from my list.

The big Sibley provides images of both in transitional plumage on the bottom of page 27. Next time I'll focus on the profile instead of the colors of the plumage!

Ann Marie Wood
Mountlake Terrace,WA
annmariewood at comcast.net

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