[Tweeters] Selected weekend sightings in Seattle

Martin Muller martinmuller at msn.com
Sun Mar 17 17:05:23 PDT 2013


Saturday morning at Green Lake, Seattle, while walking around the lake with a wonderful group of people who are being trained as volunteer naturalists (to be stationed at various parks in the city this summer), we were treated to 9 Redheads on the lake. It's been many years since I've seen Redheads there. Also fun to see Double-crested Cormorants responding to planting of trout in the lake. From last week's 5 their numbers have swelled to over 70. Breakfast for 70 please......

Sunday while visiting Lincoln Park with local park aficionado Trileigh Tucker, we were treated to two Common Ravens cavorting in the wind and being harassed by crows.

I love surprises like that!

Martin Muller, Seattle
martinmuller at msn.com

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