[Tweeters] Swallows

itomas at onebox.com itomas at onebox.com
Sun Mar 17 16:06:48 PDT 2013

I'll try to figure our how to post this on Tweeter but...my dog always watches birds. Today, March 17th, the dog was fixated on a couple of hawks swooping, flitting, chasing in an (apparent) mating ritual...so high up. I watched and realized there were other birds...two swallows! The swallows are back! It's really spring! There were only two of them, WAY up there...but they were there! The swallows have returned. Oh happy days! I feel like I've been reborn. I expect, in coming weeks, to welcome hundreds of these beautiful birds to my home. (With only two birds so high in the air, I am unable to identify them...generally, there are all types of swallows here, aside from purple martins...alas!)
Tomas Walsh

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