[Tweeters] song finder--a device to help hear birds

Diana Thompson dianaft21 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 17 13:20:13 PDT 2013

   I located on the internet  SongFinder, a device that transposes the songs of birds to a lower frequency.  http://www.nselec.com/     I listened to the samples and found I could hear the songs wearing my hearing aids but not without.
    I Emailed  the company and asked whether or not persons that use hearing aids are able to use the device with their hearing aids.   The response was yes for some people, if they do not get feedback.
    Does anyone in the Seattle area  use SongFinder successfully wearing hearing aids?   Is there anyone willing to let me try their device for a few minutes, listening to recordings?   My concern is whether the device will fit  comfortably over  my hearing aids and work successfully with them.
Thank you.
Diana Thompson

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