[Tweeters] Hogum Bay Eagles Nesting

ray holden rayleeholden at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 16 23:02:45 PDT 2013

The resident bald eagles at the water settlement ponds at 3003 Hogum Bay Rd in Lacey are back and the female was sitting her nest today.  I believe this year's start is around 6 weeks earlier than last.  They got off to a very late start compared to other reported pairs. Then it seemed that they may have had a failed egg and tried again because sitting went on forever but they did fledge one juvenile and I did get to witness it's first flights which was very exciting. Junior left about a week and a half later and you always have to wonder if it made it through the winter.  Good luck to them this time.  The nest is very visible and the whole drama will unfold in full view but no pictures today. Too many showers.    
Ray Holden
Olympia, WA

Life is for the birds.

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