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Alison et al.,

That's so interesting! I live a few miles to the east, near 95th NE & Sand Point Way (Matthews Beach area), and I have NEVER seen or heard Scrubs since moving to this location in the mid 1980's. We have plenty of Steller's, but no Scrubs. But we still have a number of conifers of fair size, definitely more forested still than Ballard. It seems to be a reasonable hypothesis to think this is the variable that accounts for the distributions. Do you ever find Steller's in your neighborhood these days?


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> I see and hear scrubs regularly throughout most of the year near 9th and

> 59th, which may be the same birds Jen Kunitsugo reported at 8th Ave NW and

> NW 50th St.


> I live on 10th Ave NW near NW 65th St. and have had scrub jays coming for

> peanut handouts almost daily since last fall. There were three birds from

> summer through fall. They all disappeared at the same time in November.

> One bird re-appeared for a few days in early December. They seem to go

> somewhere out of the neighborhood during the middle of winter, but return in

> early spring.


> Two scrubs re-appeared in early February and have come for peanuts almost

> daily (in fact, they're here right now). I assume they're the pair from 8th

> & 50th.


> I believe someone reported last year that there are about 6 nesting pairs in

> the Ballard neighborhood every year and one pair in Volunteer Park on

> Capitol Hill.


> Does anyone know the feeding range of an urban scrub jay?


> Allison Reak


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