[Tweeters] Rufous at Marymoor

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at frontier.com
Fri Mar 15 12:57:16 PDT 2013

Tweets – I ran down to Marymoor mid-morning. Still no confirmed Violet-green Swallows, but as I crossed the east footbridge (just south of the East Meadow), I heard a buzz, and my brain finally kicked in with “Rufous!” but by that point it must have fled. Still, I was pretty sure I’d heard a RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD.

But that was impossible, since there were no Salmon Berry blossoms yet, right? Except as I scanned for the hummer, I noticed 5 Salmonberry blooms just to the west of the bridge. You have to be tall to see them. So then I knew there really was a Rufous around. Sure enough, after waiting about 5 minutes, I got good looks at a male. There were 1-2 more around the edges of the East Meadow.

Yesterday, no RUHU and no Salmonberry blossoms noted. Today, both...

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