[Tweeters] Barred Owl Pair duet in Lake Forest Park

Stan Bezimienny grzebiuszkaziemna at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 16:11:41 PDT 2013

we lived in LFP for 13 years, and we could hear Barred Owls regularly
through the years, sometimes really close to our house, although we never
saw them (too many big conifers around). We live up the McA creek from the
town center, and yes, we noticed that the recent pair sounds somewhat
differently. I also know more or less where a pair nested (before 1999,
though). Our recent observations are unfortunately more spotty, since our
next door neighbor tends to idle his Silverado for a long time at ungodly
hours, and we have to keep out windows shut for the night.
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