[Tweeters] Barred Owl Pair duet in Lake Forest Park

Doug Will diwill at uw.edu
Mon Mar 11 13:46:25 PDT 2013


Sorry I didn't get this in Monday's digest.
For roughly 5 minutes this Monday morning, march 11th, about 7 AM (PDT)
there was a Barred Owl pair hooting in canon about one mile up McAleer
Creek from Lake Washington.
This was the usual, "Who cooks? Who cooks for you."
It included a fermata and and the pitch drooping on the last "Youuuuuu."
BUT it was NOT the usual fully separated call and response of two owls
declaring their separate territories.
Instead the deeper baritone (female! in this case) would start and a
couple hoots into her call the higher tenor (male) would echo her call
about a full tone higher.
This went on for at least 5 minutes with a couple of CAW/CAW fests
interspersed for variety but no true mating caterwauling (which was
heard at this location earlier this year.)

Have any other tweets heard Barred owls in LFP this year?
Gene Hunn has moved south.
I wonder if the breeding pair he heard with some regularity in the past
near his former house near town center has perhaps moved their nest site
Or do we have two (or more) breeding pairs in LFP?
The pairs would be about a mile apart, not inconsistent with Jamie
Acker's 1 square mile territories on Bainbridge Island.

Thanks in advance for sharing any other owls data you have for Lake
Forest park.

Doug Will
Sr Res Engr

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