[Tweeters] Birds of North America Accounts

David Hutchinson flora.fauna at live.com
Sun Mar 10 21:00:22 PDT 2013

As you must know, this series of over 700 life history accounts is now over 20 years old. Just as I think I can forget them forever, the public lets me know that they still consider them of great value. It is practically and financially impossible for me to keep copies of each and every account in stock. So I have ended up bundling requirements for single account orders together periodically. Costs vary depending on whether the account is from the original publication run or is a re-print (hence more expensive). Nine or ten dollars seems like an average priceThis is one of those times. It is impossible to make money on this, so I offer it as a service to local birders. There are a few days still to think about it. David

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