[Tweeters] Sprague Rarities

Jonathan B. Isacoff isacoff at gonzaga.edu
Sun Mar 10 12:41:37 PDT 2013

Looking for Bluebirds and Phoebes around Sprague today I found neither. But, in the flooded fields behind the Sewage Lagoons were 1 adult YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD (about 3 weeks early locally) and 4 or 5 male TRICOLORED BLACKBIRDS. Several years ago MaryFrances Mathis found Tricolored's in nearby flooded fields in the same weather and water conditions, makes one wonder if there is a nearby colony, or if they drift over from Texas Lake?

Among the 300 or so Ring-billed Gulls getting ready to nest on Harker Island (Adams side of Sprague Lake) was a MEW GULL. Other birds included a 1st year FERRUGINOUS HAWK by the Adams boat launch working the phone poles - definitely a different bird from the one that's been hanging out in the same area the past 2 winters. Many Canvasbacks and thousands of Lesser Scaup all about the lake, which is 100% ice-free. Photos of the blackbirds and Mew Gull posted on Flickr.

Good birding,
Jon Isacoff, Spokane

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