[Tweeters] FOY Sandhill Cranes at Desert Wildlife Area

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Hi all

We took the drive over to the Frenchman Hills Rd area and saw maybe 1,000 or so sandhill cranes.  They were at the end of Rd 6 SW near the area of Frenchman Hills Rd and Adams Rd.  You will need to stop at the gate and watch them from a short distance but there are a lot of them there.   While we were there we had an adult  goshawk fly overhead - nice bonus on the day!

Have a good evening

D. Lewis

North Bend

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            While doing some fly fishing at some of the Desert Wildlife Area lakes on Thursday I saw my first of the year Sandhill Cranes.  While hiking north mid-morning from parking area H4 to the lakes (Harris, Tern, Sedge & Dune), I heard more Sandhill Cranes than I saw, only spotting a couple here and there.  But, after sunset while hiking back to the car, I saw a flock of about 100 cranes flying and silhouetted against the sunset sky, and later as it got pretty dark a small flock of 20 cranes flew low overhead, so low that I could hear the air whistling through their wing feathers.  Very cool!  They must not have been able to see me in the darkness.  I love hearing the guttural calls of the Sandhill Cranes as it really marks the seasons for me as the cranes migrate through our state.


Good birding!


Rex Takasugi

Kent, WA

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