[Tweeters] The Submariners

Larry Hubbell ldhubbell at comcast.net
Sat Mar 9 12:02:00 PST 2013


This weeks post has photos, a story and a simple challenge regarding mergansers on Union Bay. Possibly of more interest may be the warbler photos at the end of the post. I am just learning about warblers and I am curious if this bird could be anything other than a Yellow-Rumped Warbler. If it is a YRW, Could it be the Myrtle Warbler I see in the book? How would one know? Most likely because of the time of year it does not look exactly like any of the illustrations in my bird book.

See the photos at: http://unionbaywatch.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-submariners.html

Thank you for your thoughts.

Larry Hubbell
ldhubbell at comcast dot net

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