[Tweeters] Has the Scrub-Jay's northward march faltered?

Rolan Nelson rnbuffle at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 8 12:42:20 PST 2013

I haven't looked north of Seattle, but they are still quite numerous here in Lakewood, Pierce Co.

Rolan Nelson
Fircrest, WA
rnbuffle at yahoo.com

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Subject: [Tweeters] Has the Scrub-Jay's northward march faltered?

Hi all,

About the time people started getting really tired of hearing new Scrub-Jay reports on Tweeters, we suddenly began to not see Western Scrub-Jays here in accustomed locations on Beacon Hill and in surrounding communities. 

Has the northward march faltered?  I can't say I'd be in the least bit disappointed, but does anyone have any insights into what's going on with this species?


Ed Newbold

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