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Greetings. I saw your note about local plants. Please let me introduce myself. I am the author of the Seattle Street-Smart Naturalist: Field Notes from the City. In the book, I devote one chapter to what Seattle looked like botanically when the Denny party arrived and what local clues are left in the landscape. I like to think my chapter paints a good picture of what plants grew in Seattle when the first European settlers arrived.

In addition to doing my own research, I also relied on conversations with Ray Larson, who did his thesis on the same subject. His is much more detailed than mine.

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>Dear Tweeters

>Being interested in finding out more about our local natural "history", I was intrigued a few years ago when listening to our local NPR station and there was >an interview with this fellow who, I think, wrote a book on Seattle plants, with a historical perspective. A perspective of what was growing here before being >folded spindled and mutilated, i.e. "developed" by our "settler's". As I was driving at the time, I never got the dudes name.

>I think this guy, out of the UW I think, wrote an actual book, although it may have been a research paper, or maybe only a lecture. I've googled etc >everywhichway and can't find any leads online. If anyone out there in Tweeterland knows anything about what I'm referring to, could you drop me an email? >I'd really appreciate it!

>Thank You

>Jeff Gibson

>Everett Wa

David B. Williams
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