[Tweeters] If you have Flickr, another step to Protect images,

Vicki Biltz vickibiltz at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 10:02:52 PST 2013

This is a non-bird message, but is for the many of us who do use flickr.
I discovered that my settings as well as many others were copyrighted,
but anyone could download my original image, so I had to change that.

Go to your icon, hit settings, go to privacy and permissions.
First up is who can access your original download. I had it for anyone,
which enabled anyone to download it. You have to set it to ONLY YOU>

Also make sure no one can print your photos, and so on. I've been checking
Tweeters and my other contacts, and found that MANY do not have their
images protected at all...
So please, protect your pics and videos as well. Altho quality does vary
greatly here in tweeter land, they are still your property and only you
have a right to download or print them.

Vicki Biltz
Bonney Lake WA.
vickibiltz at gmail.com

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