[Tweeters] A perfect moment

Rob Sandelin nwnature1 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 15:59:42 PST 2013

>From todays Journal entry

March dances with two partners, swirling between winter and spring, each
playing off the other as one diminishes while the other ascends. On any
given day the gray overcast can break down into sunshine and warmth then
suddenly become arctic under a deluge of hail. Sitting on a riverbank this
afternoon at Al Borlin Park, the gray clouds parted and a column of
sunshine hit me like a spotlight from heaven. I closed my eyes and let the
sunshine warm my face. I layback in the sun warmed gravel and opened my
eyes. Directly above me was a swirling clockwork of black birds. Ravens.
There were perhaps twenty birds, all circling directly above and for one
brief moment, the clumps of birds rearranged, becoming perfectly spaced
apart, wingtip to wingtip, a circle within a larger column of light. The
moment passed and they coalesced into entropy driven clumps of birds. But
there was that one moment of artistic perfection, and I, laying dreamily on
a river bank idly watching the sky, was there to see it. There are grand
vistas, great storms and overwhelming natural beauties beyond compare, yet
I find so much more in the small, the quiet and fleeting moments. These form
the interpersonal relationship with nature which brings me out time and
again to sit, open eyed and agog at the wonders around me.

Rob Sandelin

Naturalist, Writer, Teacher

Snohomish County

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