[Tweeters] Looking for a book on Seattle plant history.

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Thu Mar 7 12:35:17 PST 2013

Perhaps Arthur Lee Jacobson's Wild Plants of Greater Seattle?

Dennis Paulson

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> Subject: [Tweeters] Looking for a book on Seattle plant history.


> Dear Tweeters


> Being interested in finding out more about our local natural "history", I

> was intrigued a few years ago when listening to our local NPR station and

> there was an interview with this fellow who, I think, wrote a book on

> Seattle plants, with a historical perspective. A perspective of what was

> growing here before being folded spindled and mutilated, i.e. "developed" by

> our "settler's". As I was driving at the time, I never got the dudes name.


> I think this guy, out of the UW I think, wrote an actual book, although it

> may have been a research paper, or maybe only a lecture. I've googled etc

> everywhichway and can't find any leads online. If anyone out there in

> Tweeterland knows anything about what I'm referring to, could you drop me an

> email? I'd really appreciate it!


> Thank You

> Jeff Gibson

> Everett Wa

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