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Tue Mar 5 20:10:43 PST 2013

I recently read about a study, evidently done by the U.S Fish and Wildlife and the Smithsonian, comparing the number of birds killed by wind power windmills vs domestic cats. (google, or whatever, 'windmill vs cats for bird kills' for more info). Cats won by a gigantic margin- like millions of times over. It seemed to me like the logical solution would be designing windmills that sucked up stray domestic cats. I know that would be almost impossible to engineer without doing in all sort of similar sized wildlife.

Of course folks that kept their cats indoors, or like the fellow who recently posted about taking his cat out on a leash, wouldn't have to worry about any such lethal technology. My parents, when they were still driving about with their camper, would take their house cat on vacation, on leash outside the truck. And at their camp spot at Wildberry Lake they would rig up little Katrina on a short leash to a zip line about 3 ft off the ground so she could enjoy natures wonders without causing any wildlife mayhem. The local Chickaree's and Chipmunks learned to avoid that area. I imagine taking a cat on a walk, like I do my (wife's) dog, using an old piece of mountaineering rope and a solid climbing carabiner for a leash, and feeling the windmill suction, planting down and yelling "on belay!", thus saving kitty. I guess that will never happen.

Nature, as usual, has provided better population controls. Recently my local Northwest neighborhood association (Everett) sent out an email headed "Coyotes- we NEED your help!!"

I can't describe the warm fuzzy feeling I got when reading that header. Wow, I thought, people are finally getting it: we are a part of a greater natural community! Coyotes are a great local control agent of stray cats, thus benefiting our neighborhood birds!
In the winter of 2008/2009 my wife and I were really burning the midnight oil getting our new business the Anchor Pub going. Coming home at the wee hours of the morning, we saw a number of big ol' coyotes right in our hood. Maybe not coincidentally, the population of Opossums and Racoons seemed to take a real dive. New population dynamics goin' on.

As usual I was totally naive. Reading past the headline of the neighborhood memo it became clear that the help that was being asked for was how to get rid of Coyotes in the neighborhood. Apparently we have a HUGE COYOTE PROBLEM! in our squeaky clean hood. I guess that when innocent toddlers are hauled off of their lawns into the greenbelt we should worry. Until then, good luck Coyotes, and good luck cats. Whateverett.

Jeff Gibson
has cats , or has been had by cats, in
Everett Wa

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